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Consolidated Edison, Inc. Employees’ Political Action Committee (CEIPAC)

Con Edison’s Voice in Government

About the Consolidated Edison, Inc. Employees’ Political Action Committee:

Con Edison has a long standing tradition of civic engagement. Our involvement in the public policy debate and political process is an important, necessary and appropriate part of doing business. One part of Con Edison’s engagement includes participating in the political process at both the state and federal levels through political contributions. Con Edison has a political Action Committee, called the Consolidated Edison, Inc. Employees Political Action Committee.

CEIPAC is a separate legal entity and is overseen by a Board of Directors made up of five company executives. Eligible employees voluntarily combine personal contributions to support both federal and state level elected officials and candidates through campaign contributions.

Mission Statement:

  • To make wise political investments by raising and disbursing funds on behalf of political candidates, on both sides of the aisle;
  • To monitor, analyze and review potential candidates to determine their favorability towards the industry and how they benefit the company;
  • To educate elected officials about our business and how their constituents may be affected by particular legislation; and
  • To engage employees in the political process and keep them informed of political news.


For more information or to contribute, please contact Kyle Kimball at kimballk@coned.com or visit www.ceipac.com.